Re: non surf catches


Went out to my Xmas eve Snapper spot. This spot has produced for me every-time I fished it around Xmas, it also provides my first Snapper of the summer.

Got there around 6pm, and was on the water a little later. The fishing was slow to start with, other then nibblers nothing showed interest in the baits. The Sun slowly sunk behind the hills and the wind died right down. With light fading I got a strike and pulled in a small Gurnard.. It was getting late and still no Snapper.

Because it was Xmas eve and the sea was so calm I decided to stay out… After a while another rod bent over and I was fairly certain I recognized the fighting style. First Snapper of the Summer was quickly released. A short while later my Rod bent over again and a stronger fighting but similar in size Snapper was released. Stayed fishing until 11pm but nothing showed interest in my baits.

I fished over low tide (around 8pm) but there was still plenty of bait fish feeding in the shallows.