Re: non surf catches


Have not updated this for a while.

Been doing a lot of trolling for Kingfish, with no success. Done three missions over to the boulder bank, and only caught a single massive kahawai. Also done a couple of missions into the QC (one trolling, one livebaiting), and a trip into Port Underwood where I trolled and fished mussels for Moki.

Also been down to Kaikoura a couple of times, first trip was spearfishing, decent visibility saw a couple of big Moki and many smaller ones (Most of the Moki were in a single school). Quite a few Butterfish which were easy to shot once I found them. Lots of crayfish, but on the small side. Second trip I was hoping to go kayaking, but was to windy so I just played with the seals instead.

Was going to go Snapper fishing tonight, but the 4am start this morning, combined with three hours of trolling have left me buggered.