Re: non surf catches


Still exhausted from the weekend ,

Arrived at French Pass mid morning, but was feeling lazy so decided to explore the road to Bulwer instead, waste of time, next to no formed public access to the water out that way. Might be a few paper roads which can be hiked, so returned to French Pass.

Launched around 1pm, and pushed into what was probably the strongest wind of the day. After a little trolling and jigging around the Island, I decided to check out the campground. Upon landing caught a KY which would have been perfect for a livebait… oh well. Would catch others so released it.

Fairly nice campsite, under the trees, small stream with heaps of old whitebait and crawlers after dark. So went for another troll and discovered a spread out workup near “the cove”, double hook up. Couta, and a massive Kahawai. More Coutas were to follow, a lot more…. Caught another small bait size kahawai but it spat the hook…

Returned to establish camp and have dinner, evening troll around the island and along the coast to Kapowai Bay. A few strikes, and a fight with something heavy but the line snapped. Suspect Couta’s got the line.

Woke at 5:30am and out to the island for more trolling and jigging, then across to Stewart island. Slow jigged for a while but only blue cod and perch. Across to the Peninsula, more couttas…. There was a workup trying to get established all morning in Catherine Cove and it really started to fire after a dozen or so seals joined in.

So I followed them across, impressive site of coutas jumping from the water, got to the seals only to discover they were feasting on large Kahawai and throwing them all over the place which got the birds excited. Fished a bit but only more coutas.

Back to camp, packed up, more fishing around the small island before returning to French pass and home.

The little Macskippy which Uncle gave me caught I think 8 coutas and 2 Kahawai before it was lost when a couta sliced the mainline.

Did not even see a Kingfish, but still had a enjoyable 30km paddle. Next to perfect weather. But my body is not use to such distances. Plus I had to use my old paddle because I must have forgotten to pack my flash graphite paddle and left it at the old concrete wharf in Havelock the last time I went out.