Re: Non return sliding clips .


Nah, the fishing stores suck over there. In fact I failed to find much in the way of fishing tackle at all. In Rome I visited a large sporting good store comparable to Rebel Sports and they had a rather typical selection…. and that that was the only fishing tackle I remember. I did have big plans to visit the fishing stores in Singapore on the way home, but a combination of being sick (cold), being awake for nearly 24 hours, 30+ degree temperatures and a smokey atmosphere forced me back to the airport to find a place to sleep. So I did not get to explore Singapore’s famed fishing stores.

In Vietnam I saw the Owner Hook factory out the window of a bus. It was basically located in the middle of a slum.

Did no fishing, while in Nha Trang, Vietnam I had the option to go on a fishing charter, but I decided to go Snorkeling instead. Even in the marine protected area where the snorkeling took place I saw nothing larger then 20cm…..

The largest fish I saw on my trip was on my second to last day in Amsterdam, a fairly large school of probably trout were chasing Baitfish against the side of a canal.