Re: Newbie in Waimate


Hi Shark Tale,

you were 100% right re Trademe. I can only afford the CHEEP stuff, like a 12 ft Silstar Monsoon 2 piece rod ,
and a Silstar LF60 or JW Mirage 850. But HEY ! Thats ok ! I reckon its a Good Start. Total cost for rig $80.
I’ll get sinkerz n trace from the same place I guess.

The Wearhouse was…..not a good option is all I will say here. I object to buying an ABU for $80 that I know was made in Bambooland. I object to a few of those ( Penn is the same ??? ) . Reason I mention the ABU is that I own an OLD ABU reel from the 50’s ( salt encrusted ) , and I know where it was made ! The rod I have with it is solid fibreglass, and has trashed rings ( caught a lotta salmon I am told ). So now ya know why I NEED a new rig.

That said, I am certian the ABU and Penn gear does represent excellent value for money. But I own an OLD Mitchell spinning reel, and if you THINK I would swap it for these new fangled Bambooland Mitchells, I DONT THINKSO BATMAN !

So I am off to bid on my Fantastic Value Silstar gear. :lol:

Here is to a full freezer :grin: AJ