Re: Nape Nape Contest – South Island Surfcasting Champs


Couple Congers caught, biggest one caught got second, first place was a Rig I think, and other prizes went to Schoolies/Dogfish. They had quite a few prizes to hand out, nothing that great though, just reels/rods and tackle. Since I’d never been there before I let the guy at registration pick a spot, so he put me at 59 which is pretty much right in the middle. Realized just before I got there that I had forgot my rod spike. Got snagged on something that wouldn’t budge 3 times, and lost 3 traces/weights. I tried in all the area I was allocated, but still got snagged on the same thing. So gave up around 12 PM as I only had one weight left. Was also fairly rough conditions, but still fishable. Took about 2 hours to get there from Ashburton in the morning with pretty much no traffic on the road, and just over 2 hours to get back. Pretty good since Google Maps seems to think it takes just over 3 hours.