Re: My Favourite Headlamps


I also discovered that the 2012 Black Diamond Icon is almost identical to the Princon tec apex 200, but from my quick research the main difference is that th PT uses a 2 button design while the BD uses a single button.

Have currently lost my Fenix, so might order a PT Apex 200 just in case.

Used my Zebra light tonight surfcasting, its been a while. Had flat batteries to begin with but was most impressed with the brightness when I dropped a new battery end. Forgotten how good it was, amazing little torch, the flood was bright enough to light up all of the reflective tapes on my rods at once which was spaced maybe 10m apart… Its no good for distance, but its excellent for close and medium distance lightening. Fairly certain my fenix could not have done that. (Still prefer the fenix for surfcasting).