Re: Motueka Fishing spots?


Hi Spongebob.
Golden bay might be your best bet for snapper over them ways.I cant give you an exact location but id say a beach or point somewhere around the Collingwood area may produce a few.Theres been some good sized Trevally caught around there apparently.
A night time or change of light incoming through high tide is probably the best time to be looking for them if fishing from the shore.A running rig baited with pillie usually does the dammage but bonito and squid will do it as well.Rays both eagle and stingray may prove to be a pain in the arse but if you dont mind a battle then it can be good fun.
The problem with snapper fishing from the shore is obviously they arent always there and you can spend days looking for them and unless you have hit a good run of them passing by,catching one is usually luck of the draw.
Just an idea.Let us know how you get on. 8)