Re: Mokihinui Comp Results


Good snapper Craig. I will rub that one in when I next talk to Ron. Good to see another Coaster on here. I’m in Blenheim at the moment and heading home to Westport Sunday. Yep Birdlings, finally heading home after an epic journey ( hush, loose lips sink ships :grin: ) . Hope the snapper are waiting for me. Well one or two at least.
Although I must admit I am rapidly becoming a Rig fan. And will be giving the Nine Mile Beach a lot more attention. Hoped to get out here at Blenheim. Rarangi but the wind and rain kinda put me off a bit. And no local knowledge here either.(As to wind) So my rod stayed packed. Guess it enjoyed the trip as much as I did tho.

Ian give me your postal address and I will send you some blingie stuff over, my way of saying thanks for a great comp, great time and great company.

Cheers Trev