Re: Moki Fishing in Port Underwood.


I havnt really tried myself but a mate of mine had a good run of them off the rocks in ocean bay.I ended up with one of the good ones for tea.
Im not 100% sure where the spot was excactly but he said off the rocks on the northern side of the bay at low through incoming tide.It wasnt deep at all and he could see small shoals of about half a dozen fish at a time coming around the rocks and seemed to be sweeping the bottom as they moved along.He just cast the bait out infront of them and got a few but he didnt realise they were moki until he pulled the first one out.Small crabs were doing the damage.
This was goin back a couple of years so prob just a matter of being there at the right time.
I went down the day after and got nothing hence why I dont really fish them parts.