Re: Moki fishin


Went out in the dark Thursday morning. By 7:30 I had 3 good Moki, lost a monster that bust off out on the bottom, and released a couple of borderline 40cm ones. Amazing sight in the semi-darkness: as soon as my bait was put in the water big silver shapes would come up to insepect it, and retreat again to the depths. As soon as the sun hit the water, they were gone. Kept burleying but to no avail. I caught 2 greenbone however before heading home. As SS knows, I use size 8 hooks, no not 8/0! Nothing wrong with big hooks for Moki either, but my little hooks let me also catch greenbone, I use 3x strong Salmon/Steelhead s/w fly hooks, that way they hold the big fish still without straightening. Water colour doesn’t matter either I reckon, nor does swell really, but calm mornings are the bomb.