Re: Modifying rods for Alvey reels


Thanks Paul. I might call Ross but I’m a bit of a DIY guy. I’m thinking I might buy a bind-on reel seat and some large guides so I can experiment with various rods of mine – I guess everything could just be taped on while testing – the guides could just go on the opposite side to the existing ones while I’m trying them out and I’d need a single footed guide for a temporary ring tip.
I was reading posts on other boards about alveys – An aussie was saying that bigger guides are only an advantage if you’re using line over 20lb breaking strain, a yank was saying that him and his mates all use their alveys in a standard positioned reel seat and find it a lot easier to use and still quite effective – I guess you’d just have to have the first guide higher, and you’d be losing about a foot of leverage unless you only use your top hand to hold the line off the reel (which could be awkward).