Re: mice


people say they only work at night but i find day works even better after you have chucjed drys and nymphs at fish and they dont look or reject em all put a cast over them make sure you get it at least 2 meters even 3 if you can so that they dont see it plop then strip it past them as fast as a live mouse would swim so it would all depend on the current and if possiable cast to the bank side of them so that it looks like the mouse has just jumoed it the water and in the lakes i only find it works if they are right in close within two metres of the bank again cast way ahead of them of even behind them works well then slow small fast stips if that makes sence and remember its not like drys or nymphs iv never had them on the second cast as they will see it and if they want it theyl grab it normally very agressive takes to