Re: Marlborough Surfcasting Competitions


Hi as you no i fished it last year for the first time. Basically how it works they go along sectioning the beach into numbered 20 metre lots and each lot cost five bucks, now you can have as many rods in the single 20 metre stretch as you like and as many people. The best option is to buy a coulpe side by side and increase the area to fish over. The area covers 40 lots to the north (which reaches the blind river mouth – sevengillz fish the last one but did not have much luck although the winner was only a coulpe of lots back from this spot but he was a local and that is his local beach so he knows it very well) and 40 lots to the south from carpark (which reaches almost to the bluffs.)
Its a small commuinty fundraiser so doesnt have alot of incentives its more about the competion on the day.
Theres prizes for men woman and children. Heaviest fish, smalliest fish, most fish (i got this with only four last year), and plenty of spot prizes too.