Re: Long Fin Eel Film Information


My long dead grandfather was a photographer back in the 30’s – 40’s on the coast …..

He photographed some wicked stuff …a coffin hanging open inside the roots of a huge macro that had blown over in a storm ….got called into the hospital one night to photograph some guy with overies etc , hermie I guess …..
He took 90% of the photo in the Stanley Graham book , and helped with the making of the film ….bad blood I think it was called ……

He took pics of an eel some kids had beaten to death and left almost unrecognisable after they had sat on it thinking it was a log ….never saw the pics but it had to have been big
He also mentioned some deer hunters having a stag taken from them by an eel while washing/gutting it in a lake …….

Almost sounds like he would have been a great mate for mulletman , especially when he told me of what he thought were 4 foot long mullet caught by the old codgers along the rock wall at scarbarough …..he was a kid , it would have been 90yrs ago ……but it wouldnt suprise me if it was kahawai , or maybe even kingies ….

I did however break into a locked draw in his shed and found some photos …….I cant divulge what those photos were of , but I can say I never told grandma lol