Re: Long distance casting

Fishy Bishy

Mili, Another superb rod builder is Sports Services in Christchurch. I was talking to the owner (Paul Thomas) just yesterday and he told me of a guy wo bought a St Croix 7’6 blank in, cost $US19.95 by Fed Ex, del in about 4 days ex USA (plus the blank price of course) and Paul built it up for him.
The St Croix rods are brilliant, not saying CD’s aren’t, but we all know they are Chinese made now, not US made as are the St Croix. There was a choice programme on Discovery or Documentary channel recently about the St Croix factory and how they made rods.
Paul’s phone is 03 3130064, tell him I referred you to him and ask him the same question and compare answers. He is always building and rebuilding rods for Canterbury fishos specialising in Salmon but doing everything and all manner of rods. I have seen his repairs and you honestly cannot tell the difference bewteen original and fixed. He also repairs reels and firearms. A very handy guy to be in touch with.