Re: Long cast reels


I have an Axeon and a Tica Sceptre both with long cast spools and they definitely out cast anything with a standard spool.
You could look at a thinner diameter 20lb line and drop the shockleader to a .50 diameter line.
I Use Braid on one of the axeon spools and find this gives you another big leap in distance. I have it loaded with 50lb Suffix performance braid which has a diameter equivalent to 12lb mono, this eliminates the need for a shock leader. This is great for fishing over sand , However if you are fishing rough seas on shelving shingle beaches it doesn’t wear as well as mono.
For pure distance over sand you could probably get away with 20lb braid mainline and a 50lb braid shockie. Just make sure you use finger protection when casting. I use a cheap leather gardening glove with all the fingers except the index finger cut off. You can also use the cut off fingers as finger stalls.