Re: Livebaiting mullet for trout ?


Im not up to speed with trout techniques …..never been interested in mud fish lol …..

The mullet I caught the bugger on was maybe 7 1/2 inches long … and it wasnt the first one he had taken off my line …..”dont tell the ranger lol”
I just wanted to have a little word with him about stealing all my bait , just to warn him haha

After seeing that photo of the trout in that “trout in good condition due to mouse population explosion” artical online Id honestly say the one I caught was a lot fatter than that …maybe Tibble the all knowing pain in the arse teacher lol was right , probably was 10lb plus …might have been so stuffed with mullet it couldnt fight like it normally would have …..

It was just over 30 yrs ago I was watching a kids rod while he went home for lunch , living in that ugly huge purple/blue orange house on the right there , I think its a preschool now ……his rod hooked a wee mullet and it was going mental as I wound it in …from under the bridge a full grown kahawai come flying out and nailed it …Landed it easy enough , was low tide ….so it couldnt fight bugger all ….

I have no doubt they go further up than that ….used to catch a lot of the juvenial one off the same bridge ……