Re: Live bait rig


This is the simple-as rig I slapped together for live baiting.As I said it was only a light one as I was only using mullet for the bait and it worked pretty sweet,the livie’s swam around for hours with ease but unfortunatly there were no takers but it still worked so sweet.
My mainline was 35lb braid,Swivel was about a 10kg one I think,Trace was around 60-80lb.The balloon trace was 1 length of 6lb mono or it may have been lighter than that.
Lengths and weights depend on where you are fishing,what fish you are after and how deep you want your baitfish.Obviously if you are after Kingi’s then you want to atleast double the line weights I used and you could probably add a short wire trace to the end of the longer trace or whatever.You need a good baitfish to be pulling this gear around so a kahawai or even a trev would be ideal.
I prefer to keep the swival and my mainline close to the surface so a short balloon trace was used.Prob around the 20cm mark.The main trace was about 2-3 metres long as it was fairlie shallow and I wanted the baitfish up away from the foul.Its important that the balloon breaks away after a good strike so the lightest nylon or a few strands of cotton should break easily when a good fish takes it.

Anyway more to the point,This is how I fix the balloon to the rig I use.
A piece of piss soaked cake really. 8)