Re: Live bait rig


Do you have pre-made rigs or do you make your own? How much you inflate the ballon depends on the baitfish you are using and the wind needs to be takin into consideration.The balloon should not be fully inflated otherwise the baitfish is going to have a hard time swimming around if the wind picks up and if you only have a small baitfish on like a mullet or a small jack mackeral then they are gonna end up getting pulled around by the balloon,not the otherway round.A Kahawai,depending on size is a much more powerful swimmer so may require a bit more air but I dont think it need be inflated over half full if you know what I mean.Plus the fish will weaken when its got a hook in it anyway.Ive really only use mullet for livies and I wasnt expecting any big kingis so the rig I made wasnt an overly heavy big game sort of outfit.I was really only expecting a couta or maybe a kahawai to have a go at but I would definately use much heavier gear for kingis.Im goin to attempt to draw a diagram of the simple rig I used.Will post up if I end up gettin it right. :?