Re: Line Review


[b:17hj6zha]Pioneer Flexline[/b:17hj6zha]
I spooled a couple of reels up with 25lb (.40mm) line a few seasons back, i have since respooled a couple of reels but found it to be a good product with little memory, good knot strength and good abrasion resistance. I really do like this line.

[b:17hj6zha]Suifix Synergy[/b:17hj6zha]
I spooled a couple of reels with 19lb (0.35mm) line late winter this year. In most regards it is a good line but it does have a memory problem and line twists can be a problem. The red colour does make it easier to see.

[b:17hj6zha] Kilwell Monofilament[/b:17hj6zha]
This appears to be a cheap generic line, made in Maylasia. Was 30lb and 0.55mm diameter. Only used it for a few days and hated it, found it totally uncontrollable and gave up.

[b:17hj6zha]Berkley Trilene Extra Tough[/b:17hj6zha]
Had this line on a couple of reels but found it showed signs of abrasion quite quickly, and the knot strength was a bit suspect at times.