Re: Line & Knot breaking strain tests


Hey Guys
I always thought that if you got a particular brand line, colour would not matter as far as the breaking strain goes, but I have been thinking wrong.

Some very surprising results in the lower breaking strains.

Just goes to show, I tested some 7 lb line, small diam for the breaking strain, thought I might go the 4 lb, found it twice as thick and broke even higher than the 7 lb, wrong line on the spool. Finally got some 4 lb, nice and thin. You can never be quite sure.

Updated 27,04,2009 with

Braid, Sunline Super PE 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 lb white and green, Berkley FireLine 15, 20 lb, Berkley Spiderwire red 8, 10 lb, Berkley FireLine Crystal 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 15, 20 lb, Berkley Whiplash Pro 4 lb, Power Strike 4, 7, 14? lb, Blue Water Fishing 30 lb, Iron Braid 30, 50 lb, PE Fibre Braided line 30 lb.

Mono type, Javis walker 25 lb, Penn 40 and 50 lb, Mustad thor 8 lb. Mustad Pro Select 12 lb,Berkley Vanish Fluoro 10 lb, Iron Flex 15 lb,

Leader Material, Jinkai Leader 40, Black Magic Supple trace, Black Magic line and Black Magic Leader, lots of names with differing results.

Extra hardness numbers

More knots, Bimini Twist, and more to do.

Got more line in will do as time is available.

Thanks guys.