Re: Lifetime of monofilment line


As long as it’s out of the sun, heat etc it should be ok for a couple years. Bought a bit of line from a tackle shop that had been there for a while they were clearing it out at 60% off some of that line would have been there for years, haven’t used much of it yet but PierMaster’s been using the 18lb Ultima seems to be fine. Usually spool new line on my reels at the start of the season after they’ve been sitting around over winter then respool if I see any damage on the line.

Have found there can be bad batches of line when you buy them new from the shop, had some bad experiences with Rovex Devil 50lb I was using for shock leaders and also had a few problems with Ultima Red Ice 30lb snapping when tying knots with one new spool, but I’ve used red ice for a few years now with no problems with other spools.