Re: length of my rod


In my bs opinion im 6’4 i have longer arms so the distance i can cast with my fin nor 16′ and tica cybernetic spooled with 25lb mono on a good morning with no breeze im getting around 75-90m
With lighter line 16-20lb i might get 85-105m
Mostly i noted it depends on breeze and line weights
Buuuut more importantly your bait size and trace length and sinker type and weight.
With 1 hook which i always use a small bait i.e prawn or shrimp on a 1 -2/0 will fly way over 100m
But with two hooks and bigger baits the distance of cast is affected greatly.
All you can say to yourself is am i catching fish ?
Yes. Your rod and setup are sweet.
No change line sinker and bait weights to get the extra distance…
But 60m and behind the breakers @ high rising tides should be enough to catch you fish