Re: Latest non-surfcasting catches!

Jones Jr.

Went fishing up the Waimak george and briefly at Lake Lyndon two weeks back.

Went fishing with a guy from Chile who loves trout fishing but hadn’t been fishing here yet so said I’d take him. The waimak isn’t the most exotic of locations but was somewhere on short notice to go. After his 4th or 5th cast he got a small 1 pound rainbow, on a veltec spinner. Just put back. He landed another really tiny trout not long after. After nothing happened for a while we went to lake Lyndon, the lake was really low. Seems to get lower each year. Give it 4 years and it’ll be dried up! LOL, hmm. I don’t know. Got nothing there so went back to the waimak near the white posts. The chillian guy hooked a trout after 15 min that was more decent, around 2 or 3lb but it spat the hook after a brief fight.

I was using a rapala minow pattern and about 5 min later hooked into a small maybe 1lb rainbow, put back of course. After a while of nothing I walked down the river this time with a veltic spinner and had a fish in a pool. Hooked into something more decent, maybe a 3 or 4lb rainbow. But the old rod (and LINE!) I was using must’ve been no good and the line snapped just after it took the lure. I did get to see it briefly before it went on it’s way. I gave my new trout rod to the other guy and used my old one being a generous person, no more!!! lol. Saw a huge eel go down the river after that, like 1 to 1.5m long. It just looked massive.

No other trout caught that day but since we had got a day license for him he wanted to get the most out of it. We went right down to the mouth at the sea and me using the veltec I hooked about a 1.5 – 2lb kaiwhai. Was an interesting end to the day.

And that’s it! Am looking to trying some more winter trout fishing in the “all year” open areas of perhaps the Hurunui and Waiau, waimak etc.