Re: Latest non-surfcasting catches!


went up to motunau island yesterday,for a fish. got there at 6.30am and had to wait for day light to come so i could see to get over the river mouth bar in my tinny, bar was flat and shot out passed the island a bit windy out there early in the morning and with the weather man saying strong nor west i was a bit worried, a bit choppy but died off about 9am and was very nice. fished on so cray pot boys and got nonthing moved all over the place went a couple off kms past the island nothing but a dog fish and a skate, went back to the crary pots and tired up there, nothing for a long time then about 9.30am i got 4 blue cod,1 skate,1 dog,1 pearch, then nothing all caught in 20mins high tide was 10.00am went back in about 11.00am. fresh blue cod for tea tonight. not the best fishing but not at work so thats got to be good