Re: Latest non-surfcasting catches!


went up north of kaikoura on the weekend,got up there about 8pm set 3 crary pot and went for a fish in my 12t tinny,the sea had about a one and half metre swell went out to the reef but got nonthing, checked pots on sat moring got 6 legal crays went for a fish got only 3 blue cod 1 sea perch, came in and went for a snorkel got 1 paua cant see them,but other got there limt,water clean,windy sat afternoon with big swells and white caps,went out later in afternoon with a 2meter plus swell not nice got some dogfish,1 couttua, went checked pots sun moring 1 cray went fishing big swell still (should not be out in it in little boat) got 3 ble cod and 2 sea perch came in went paua diving got 9.. saw butter fish on saturday (6) but did not have spear saw nothing sunday water a bit dirty… over all a poor trip as i normally get 10 blue cod a day and more sea perch hope to go up there nz day