Re: Latest non-surfcasting catches!


Happy New Year to all,

Have just returned from an awesome 10 days spent on the Kapiti Coast & Wellington reigons, & wouldnt you know it had a couple of fishing excursions whilst I was there.
Base was at Otaki Beach, so took a salmon surf rod & reel & gave the Kahawai at the Otaki river mouth hell! on more than one occasion. Some very good fish taken in some brilliant weather.
Also a short run west out of Owhiro Bay(Wellys South Coast) on a mates 459 Stabi with dive gear & rods landed 8 Crays, numerous Kina, 6 Blue Cod of very reasonable size, & 4 rather large Banded Wrasse approx 45-50cm in length, that were very thick in the bodies, so they went in the smoker & were delicious.
Next day we returned to almost the same spot, but this time on a couple of quads with snorkelling gear & got our limits of very good sized Paua each in a very short time, it is good to see that you can still get a feed so close to one of NZ’s largest cities.
There were plenty of people diving/snorkelling that day & Im sure not all were playing by the rules so was dissapointed that MAF were not present at the only exit point. I know this area has been hammered by poachers in the past.