Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Well Arty Farty One, been chasing Rig by day and snapper by night. Lots of small snapper over here at the moment. Legals, Pannies but you need a small pan. :grin:
Scored a few Rig in my daytime adventures, got a 4lb snapper last night, so I can take the big pan out. Had seven good Rig hits today, and not one hook up. The buggars were just mouthing and dropping, prawns came back in mangled. Got one about 12lb yesterday. A few Greyboys along the way. The sea is like a lake over here. Due to change Monday with a southerly coming through. Made up some exquisite Fish stock today, with my saved up snapper heads and wings and bits. (De-gilled) as that makes the stock bitter. Will make a great Fish Soup Base. Saw a bad sign today. Spotted a dead fish being cast up on the beach. Oh no, it was one of them, the Red Devils, the rest of the herd cant be far off and their little spikey mates. Last of the Summer Wine eh. So I am out everyday while good fish are around, the sea is flat, and it is a nice sunny day.

Cheers Trev