Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Had a unsuccessful fish at Karaka point last night… Not much wind and overcast conditions, I hate boats….

This was my first visit to Karaka at low tide… Was disappointed that there was no place for a rock spike, plus the beach is nearly impossible to push beach spikes into…. Would have thought such a popular spot would of had permanent rod holders installed… Suppose the guys who go to the effort to install rod holders normally make the effort to access less popular sites.

Anyway, eventually found a half secure spot for my rock spike. Burley in water, cast after cast and could not catch a KY. Evenutally foul hooked a large garfish, which quickly died on me… Live bait attempt failed almost before it started. Was now getting dark so decided not to waste the trip and change to strayline rigs and targeted Snapper… not even a bite. Gave up around 9pm. There must be a better kingie point then Karaka, just need to find it.