Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Really need to get out for some decent fishing but all the local beaches are way to rough till probably wednesday. Not working till tuesday night. Got some ideas for summer round the local beaches that involve big baits and hopefully big schoolies/seven gillers or something bigger just gotta wait for the water to warm up a bit. First method involves casting out a 7 or 8oz breakout sinker with a metal stopper ring at the end of the shockleader and then using a slide trace to slide whole kahawai/mullet down the line, either dead or live ones. Always thought about using a balloon to send out baits but the winds gotta be right and it’s always been to much hassle for me to even bother so was thinking of building some sort of kontiki type thing to take baits out into deeper water. Not sure where the deepest water or steepest drop-off is on this side of the rakaia mouth but I heard dorie is meant to be a bit deeper than the other beaches not sure about pendarves and wakanui and unless any difference in depth was a lot I doubt it would make much difference to the fishing. Probably be a month till the big schoolies show up anyway.