Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


its all up for inspection anytime!you blokes..only a kahawai tonight who jumped off at the last moment and good luckto him..Marlin had a whizz along the beach tonight on a new kawasaki 300 Im selling..sheesh if only we had that sorta thing at 7 years old..smoked some Bull Thar in my smoker with rosemary and veitnamese mint..and my own cajun mix..still doesnt beat Vics salami mans a god!Hey you fellas you dont paint fences in Birdlings..the paint walks in two months..something to do with the wind..good to hear from you Trev thought you might be tuied out on the coast..Doors open Ginga..bring ya rod.Elmo how did you fare in the rumble?And spread it around theres a place here for people who need to get away for a coupla nights free no strings relax in the bahamas of