Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Just saw your fine offer on TM Ian. You have a heart of gold, For a rough old tough bloke :grin: . Oh and glad to see you back. Never let the winkers win. And one day I hope to catch a bloody big Thresher and give it a good dose of angina at Birdlings Flat :D . For those that don’t know Ian has offered accomodation for ChCh folk affected by the quake. Normally I would say ” That Man deserves a Tui” but in your case Ian, a ” Single Malt ” is more appropriate. If you have four Single malts, does that make it a Four Malt. All I know is that straight, it comes out my nose. Your flashers are not forgotten, and will wing there way east in due course. Say Hi to Marlin from me, and tell him, next year I might let him beat me at Knuckles, now if he paints your fence, he may just beat me. Eh Grasshopper.

Cheers Trev