Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Nice, I might be going there next week.

Just came back from Kaiapoi. Heaps of mullets caught. Quite a few released and kept the rest for bait (which will hopefully be useful at Baileys).
Bought a shrimp pump on TradeMe a couple of days ago, for like 7 bucks. Used it to catch yabbies at New Brighton yesterday and they worked a treat today.
Guess Allan was right. There is no better bait for yellow eyes than the little shrimps.

Only “problem” was that we hooked a big brown trout at the end. Was fishing next to my sister and the trout ran her direction. Big tangle and the trout escaped, which was good because we don’t have a license. Does anyone know if that might happen often in Kaiapoi? Catching trout, that is. If so, will have to buy licenses even though we’re only there to catch mullet?