Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


While the seven gillers add a little excitement , they are a pain in the arse really ………unless I was taking a first timer , or a kid , I”d sooner they werent there
Other than that , it was a poor nights fishing by usual standards , but a night evening weatherwise ….even the rain was pleasantly refreshing

Google earth “birdlings flat” and look left “sou west” ….the shingle road takes a 90deg bend to the beach half way along the spit …thats where the public access is ………IMO the fishing is far better further down again , but its via property , or along the shingle beach which can be risky

2 of those bloody quad bikes were 1/2 a mile towards birdlings from us all night , someone was fishing there while the clowns on the bikes spent the entire time zooming around on the beach and in the dunes ….its these plonkers which will spoil it for everyone else ….

We took photos of the seven giller we landed around 6pm ……dazza will upload if he figures out how , and I remember to tell him to lol

Edited to add , the plonker didnt tell me he had only been given the camera , and guess what ? yeah , he screwed it up , the pics didnt work as some setting was wrong ……..I had my camera with me , ARGH