Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Ok Beameer

Time for a little frontal. Ian aka Birdlings Flat caught that thresher on a telescopic rod. And on his own. I know that for a fact . And the body is in a hidden place , where little bugs are getting a feed. And Ian will recover the jaws. And good on him. He deserves that. After a fight of well over an hour he beached a worthy oppenent. The best man won on the day. Ian perhaps unknown to you, has a heart problem. Angina happens to people, not fish. And the way to deal with it. Is to take a nitroglcerine spray which alleviates the pain. Perhaps you need a nitroglycerine capsule introduced in another place other than the mouth. It is after all the main ingredient of gelignite.
You Beameer have angered me. Ian and a few others on here have motivated this forum. Ian actually went far beyond the call, giving updates on Birdlings, swell, weather and when the fish were on. And he put the place on the map. And then organised and put together a bloody great friendly Fishing Comp, based at his house at the Flat.

And he loves the place. So he is to me a guardian of Birdlings Flat. And if I was in the same place and position, I too would take pics of wanton destruction. And the leaving of Spikey Dogfish all over the beach, The leaving of a Kontiki Longlines spikey dogs and Ians great fight with a mighty Thresher are miles apart.

And I struggle to understand where you bring the two together. But then you actually believed the Thresher had an angina attack through lack of oxygen. Frig Beameer, what planet do you live on. What next open heart surgery on a gasping Kahawai. Or even mouth to mouth.

Oh my mind boggles. So Beameer what do you to conserve fish stocks. Enlighten us. Well actually me..

I guess you could apoligise to Birdlings. I for one would hate to see him go from here. But it is crap like you wrote that makes people leave Fishing Forums. And after all Ian has done, I think I would be a little peeved of.

So dig a hole in the sand, say sorry, and I will leave it there, plus no doubt a few more that know Ian, will do the same.

Fishing is a challenge enough, lets not make anymore.

Cheers Hardy