Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


I only cast into the gutter that runs parallel to the beach,I don’t bother biffing it out the back into open water behind the bar..during flat calm conditions you can stand right on the edge of the gutter and just lob the bait into it perhaps 20-30m..this definitely works a treat at night time when the fish move into the shallows under the cover of darkness to feed on the pipi beds..I only fish a ten foot rock set up I bought for sounds snapper fishing many years ago so long distance casting isn’t ideal for me..last night my mate and I both had fish bump into our legs several times as we stood in knee deep water fishing,what they were we aren’t sure,perhaps somebody might be able to shed some light on that,but it goes to show how shallow fish are prepared to come during dark nights..It’s well worth the effort as these bad boys make fine eating and I will certainly be out Weds morning pre dawn to try again!!