Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


In his defence this is what he posted:

[quote:32hf0ldz]tail was 5 foot 4 inches..i have it drying on my fence..very mercury,amonia..type of the food chain..had an angina attack soon after.didnt have my nitro with me so took off home…was cutting it up.broke my filleting knife.a friend with chooks has arranged to pick up the rest..make real good chook eggs..otherwise the gulls will eat it..I shoulda cut the line when it was tail jumping..!lol..I hate waste..but love a fight..just been out on my road motorcycle to cool off..mellowing out now..

If it had a angina (ive no way to tell in a fish) its becasue it was starved of oxygen, if this was the case why the need to stuff a knife thru its head.