Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Went for a evening Snapper fish. Got to the spot in the Mauha sounds around 8pm, there was a NW breeze and a bumpy sea. Was fishing anchovies and half pilchards, uncertain which one the Snapper took. The fishing was slow to begin with, just nibbles. Then with the light fading one of my rods went baslistic…. I grabbed it and increased the drag and the fight was on.

Shortly, I had the snapper near the beach. But the rocks meant there was no easy landing. By this stage the Snapper was floating… So I carefully climbed down into knee deep water and quickly slipped away and was wet up to my chest

Grabbed and carried the Snapper back onto the rocks, saw it deeply swallowed the hook , plus I left my new dehookers at home . Gave it a quick weigh and slipped over again while doing so (poor fish and Rod). Luckily I prefer to use $75 rods when rock fishing, they like punishment.

Looked at the hook again, and it was much to deep for my pliers. So cut the line and tried to revive it.. After 5-10 minutes it did a few weak tail flicks so I gently glided it away… But it continued to side float and all movement stopped. So I walked out to retrive the floating snapper, which soon turned into a swim (it was dark by now). Dragged it back to shore, and tried a further few minutes to revive it. After no signs of recovery I took it back to my pack to dispatch, then it threw a flapping fit so I tried once again… No luck. Returned to pack, stabbed in brain. It threw another flapping fit then no more.

Would have loved to continual fishing, but being wet and getting cold I decided to pack up and head for home. Gutted and weighed on what should be more accurate scales it come to 16.7lb. So I guess it would have weighed around 17lb whole (i got the guts in freezer but to lazy to weigh). Going to purchase better quality scales for on the water because I suspect mine might weigh a little heavy.


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