Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


I agree Birdlings. This bleeding thing is to me pure crap. Passed down from generation to generation without thought. If you catch a Southern Tiphead, off with his head while he is still kicking. Out with his guts. And he will bleed out. And he or she is dead dead dead. Same with all fish. This bleeding Kahawai is an old wives tale. And yep no matter what you do. That red strip will always be there. And tastey it is to. Esp if smoked. Same goes for rig, whatever, off with their head I say and the job is done. Guts out and put in the chilly bin. Course you have ice dont you. Would you want your main artery cut, or tail cut off, doubt it. Mind you Ian had a mean Machete for a prize in the Comp. I think rolled up shorts won that one. Damm if I have had got that beauty, I would roam Birdlings flat and deal with all your catches. And Fisherman24 aka Duwayne, now how do you spell that 24. Well you would get a a hair cut. :grin: and your rigs would be beheaded before you know it. Now I know where to find you. Spot X is out. I can just imagine the headlines, wine crazed Single Malted West Coaster goes berserk at Birdlings Flat. Oh darn. I am in the poo again.
Good God I am missing the place but not Ians potions. I like my cordial. Check out his Agate Pile, I snaffled a few, thanks Ian. Well only five, but they were handpicked.

Hope you got the smoker cabinet panel beated. And no he didn’t run over it on his quad. That is yet to come.

Cheers Trev aka Hardy