Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


As a footnote. I just love recurve hooks. One: they self catch and most of the time your rod is in the holder when the fish hits. And 2: When you catch the toothy ones, very sharp toothy ones. Well a recurve will always get them in the side of the jaw. And fish dont have teeth there. I use 60lb traces as a bonus. Take a look inside Mr Greyboys mouth, to see what I mean. Works for me anyway. Never had a hook bit off yet. Played a large unknown shark for an hour one day. Saw him in the wash, got him beached, on my shock leader (60lb) He ran again, I was on 6kg mainline he got it back and wham. I had my drag tightened up as soon as I had a couple of winds of shock leader on my spool, so to hold him in the waves. He was a thrashing about like a madman. When he ran and took me back to my mainline, I rushed to adjust the drag. To late. He was the better one on the day. Trev Nil. Shark 1. About 8 feet long, So all my spectators reckoned. I was to busy fighting the buggar to take a good look. That was on a 4/0 recurve with 60lb trace.

Oh, North Beach Westport. Salted Mackeral for bait. Solaris Rod. Okuma Axeon Reel.

Cheers Trev