Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Some random pics I took at kaikoura, mostly congers.. I think I caught over 10 with I think 3 being at the wharf. The night I got the congers at the wharf there must’ve been lots around, baits were getting hit as soon as it hit the bottom and even getting hits as I was winding up. Greg lost a good size one that night as well. Was sending big baits out off the beach using the slide method like whole octopus and half big kahawai, baits woulda been over 1kg. Congers were taking them big baits with ease could hardly believe it, think next time it’s gonna be half congers I’m putting out for bait.

Gregs octopus

Small moki

Butterfish caught between me and greg, I got the biggest one at the bottom. They were everywhere after a guy at the wharf put a berley cage down with paua guts etc in it.

Competition day

The congers were a pest for me every day apart from competition day when I actually wanted one but that always seems to be the way.. Also surprising I didn’t see a single seven giller the whole time I was there, usually I’d expect to catch one at this time of year.

Squid didn’t seem to be around at the wharf like they were last year, saw a few small schools of 4 or 5 but nothing like the hundreds that were around one weekend last year. Last few times I’ve been up there I’ve also seen big squid swimming around just by themselves but I’m pretty sure they’re a different species than the smaller ones.

Saw lots of fish swimming around the last night we spent at the wharf that looked a lot like mackerel but they weren’t taking any baits.