Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Summary for 5 days in kaikoura.

Congers, skate off the railway station beach. Greg got a small ray.

Congers were just a pest at the beach taking all my baits before anything else, can’t even remember how many I got.

barracouta, congers, herrings, kahawai, moki, butterfish, blue cod etc off the wharf

Spent a night over at south bay as well only herrings and kahawai around during the day although a guy got a nice sea run trout just on dark. Loads of red cod around at night but that was it.

Most of us got no fish at the competition today. Only one in our group to get a fish was andrew/piermaster with a conger skate and dogfish. He got 2nd and 3rd prize and another one for the doggie. Winning fish was a bigger conger. Lots of moki weighed in, a few octopus and a big salmon.