Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Rip off the shell ……and the legs

Fold the crab in half , meat on meat

Feed ya hook into the underside about middle and out again so your line runs over some of the underbelly ….this give you more to bind the bait together onto

I prefer cotton to bait elastic , just seems less intrusive and you can wrap a lot more …….the keeper hook slides back down after the line and I put it in the from the meat and out the underbelly/cotton so it the bait will have two hooks , one at each end of the little crab sandwich youve made ……

I say keeper hook , both are the same size so Its more a 2nd hook I guess …….

This technique I use if I have thawed from frozen crabs …..fresh baits I will fold the opposite way , meat out if that makes sense