Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Crab will outfish squid 10-1 ……the rig are inshore to feed on crabs ….

Crabs smaller than 2 inches across the body , stick on whole ……

2- 3 inches , I rip off all legs , remove the back and fold the body over on itself ….feed a hook thru and tie on with cotton …Normally use a keeper hook as well

Bigger crabs you can cut in half , remove the back , I take off the main claw and feed the hook thru the body , tie the legs back up your line and feed the keeper thru the legs/cotton
Or , remove back and all legs , cut in half …bind the meaty half crab bit to the hook

Crab meat baits without legs are deadly on both rig and ele’s , but if there’s sea lice or crabs feeding out there , leaving the legs in tact gives you a better chance to keep bait in the water
Baits without legs cast much better …..folding the body over on itself helps keep the meat intact during casting , vital if crabs have been frozen

There’s enough info above to set you on the right track ………