Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Hi all, took a new year for me to finally get some fishing done. Headed down the coast on Monday to a well known big shark beach, but was not to be the result one small red cod and a small schoolie, the fishing was dead as many others who were down that way found also; and from reading reports on here the fishing wasnt that flash in canterbury either (must have been something about that day!!!) On a brighter note did managed to hook this legal sized Cray out of the Briny which is a rare catch on line and sinker especially from the beach.

Next i was able to pop down to rarangi on wednesday night for couple of hours and secure me a 10lb rig for the freezer, plus caught a few cod on fish baits and had a few more cooked prawn baits hit hard but not hook up. Cant wait to get and do some more iv had a bit of a drought from it and now just want to get into it.