Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


it was a lovely morning out here,I hope those who fished this morning did well..My theory is to stick my head out the door..and say yay or nay and off I go,gave up weather reports long ago..but then I dont have far to go to return home if it turns to custard..Kaitorete spit has one of the lowest rainfalls in NZ..most of its not very old in geological can be blowing and raining at Akaroa and chch and perfectly fine on the spit..My cheap gear and nonchalant fishing habits produce the odd fish but I gave up serious fishing and took up relaxation fishing long ago..When I first came to Birdlings flat 7 years ago..I took out over 70 moki that year on pipi and mussel down the cliff end fish stocks are declining and I find a more casual approach is much more fun..A fish is a bonus,ice cream on a lovely day out…it really is a tough lifestyle out here..especially when we have to holiday at gentle annie for a break…