Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Sheesh Bridlings , your eyesight is better than mine ……..most ?? lol awesome pic of the conditions …….

Through many years of kitefishing and surfcasting in Pegasus bay I found the ele’s and rig and quite likely even the schoolie seem to be quite lazy , they drift with the current a lot

If it blow nor-west for a few days they seem to drift towards the estuary , and the southerly pushes them to Amberly ….

Calm conditions they seem to spread a bit …….

More than likely something similar happens along kaitariti ……Birdlings fishes best after a sou-sou/wester ……..with days of eastery swell and winds the fish are mostly likely down pendarves or south of there ….

This and the dodgy weather forcast for this morning is why I didnt get up at 3am and try my luck ….

More than likely there will be stragglers about , but Ive found if I follow that theory I maximise my chances ….