Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Hi Guys. Though this is my first post, I have been here for a while and have enjoyed being a “fly on the wall” so to speak.

I am originally from South Africa and arrived in Christchurch just over 2 years ago with few clothes and much fishing gear. The look on the immigration officer’s face was something to remember!

Although conditions and species vary all over the world, fishing (to me any way) is all about sharing a good story with a total stranger on the beach, and even more so just soaking up the moment! Landing a fish is just a huge bonus.

I live in Pines Beach so am lucky enough to have good fishing on my doorstep. The shingle beaches have been a challenge for me. Mostly because I cant get my rod stand as solid as I am used to. Keep promising myself to think of a better way and am open to suggestions. Did get my first NZ fish at birdlings, a nice rig, an unusual catch for me that is more used to finfish.

I have just returned from Golden Bay where I was lucky enough to get space on a boat and chase some snapper. Fishing was good with many undersize fish for next year and plenty good sized ones for the pan. Last hour there, (turned out last 5 hours) after fishing deep and catching nothing but dogfish my reel started screaming like one dreams about. At the end of the line, one awesome Snapper of 53cm. Sure put a smile this face. Anyone have an idea how old that fish may have been. Feeling a bit bad about keeping it. Lesson learnt, have a disposable waterproof camera and a good net on board, and not just that nasty old gaff.

Just a note on an earlier post. My 2 best catches ever have been when others have given up or decided the fish won’t bite at that time of day. More important than bate, hook rigs, gear and time of day, Perseverance and Enjoyment is the key factor. If your line is not in the water you can only talk about catching a fish.

Can anyone point me right re posting some pics. just not getting it right.