Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Came back from our holiday in Picton today, went on a hunt for snapper and it turned out successful. Went down to the beach next to Karaka point as the point was crowded, arrived around 6pm last night. Left around 11pm after I lost one on the retrieve (was checking bait, suspect he hadn’t eaten it yet) and then got snagged and lost my trace.

Caught the first just on change of light, the other 2 after dark and all were landed around half an hour apart. All caught on a single 5/0 black magic KL recurve with the tail half of a pillie for bait, straylined without sinker. My 1st ever snapper!! :grin:

The first and biggest

The second

Didn’t bother taking a pic of the third was a little smaller than the second. There were also sh*tloads of piper right in close by the shore

Think these are Piper???

Heres a photo of the trio on the cutting board

The cutting board is 450mm wide to give an idea of size, my digital scales don’t work after they went for a swim the night before!